DBTNCAA partners with The Heart and Soul of Change Project to Improve Outcomes!

DBTNCAA partners with The Heart and Soul of Change Project to Improve Outcomes!

The evidence-based practice of DBT requires the ongoing monitoring of therapy outcomes to inform and adjust the approach to clients. The Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) is designed to do that with two brief yet psychometrically sound measures that privilege the perspective of clients in the delivery of therapy.

PCOMS is listed on SAMHSA’s national registry as an evidence-based practice, and it is backed by research that shows improved client retention and outcomes, especially for at-risk clients.
Go to www.heartandsoulofchange.com to check out information on PCOMS and how it will improve your skills as a therapist and outcomes for your clients. The site is loaded with articles and videos that clearly explain the science behind and the process for implementing PCOMS.
DBTNCAA enthusiastically recommends this system for therapists looking to monitor their DBT applications with an evidence-based practice.

Welcome to DBTNCAA - Provider Certification is Active

The mission of Dialectical Behavior Therapy National Certification and Accreditation Association (DBTNCAA) is to promote the competent, evidenced-based practice of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in the service of consumers, their families, and those who pay for DBT services.

DBTNCAA’s provider and program standards represent benchmarks developed from nationally-recognized experts in DBT and provider feedback from across the United States.  More importantly, DBTNCAA’s standards are grounded in Evidence-Based Practice of Psychology (EBPP) as defined by the American Psychological Association (APA), with a distinct emphasis on providers and programs monitoring clinical outcomes to improve consumer care.

Advantages of Certification and Accreditation by DBTNCAA:

  • Indicates expertise and quality that distinguishes you from others who provide similar services in your community.
  • Assists you in marketing your services to consumers and the larger community
  • Increases confidence in your services as consumers become more informed about their choices.
  • Assists you in documenting your training and experience in DBT to consumers, licensing boards, health care providers, and other interested parties
  • Allows you to list a specialized certification when you apply to Health Care  Provider and HMO networks (reimbursement for DBT services may require certification and/or accreditation in the future)
  • Gives you resources for networking and staying current in the DBT field
  • Allows you to be listed in DBTNCAA’s national registry… you will be part of a growing movement to define excellence in DBT!